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Historic week of prayer concludes at Adventist School in the BVI

A breath of fresh air enveloped the campus of the British Virgin Islands Seventh-day Adventist School from March 6-9, 2018, during the school’s termly Week-of-Prayer exercises held under the theme, “The New Purchase.” This session was a historic one. It w


Despite natural disasters the work of evangelism moves in NCC

Results from an array of evangelistic strategies employed throughout the North Caribbean Conference (NCC) of Seventh-day Adventists (SDA), reflect a culture of discipleship among members and community appreciation for the Three Angels’ Messages in challen

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  1. ASI-IAD Convention 2018
  2. 08 Aug 2018 | 09:00:00
  3. ASI | Mexico

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USC Early Scholar programme

29 Apr 2018

The Early Scholar Program, provides a 50% reduction in normal university credit and students will not have to pay a fee to transfer to USC. Therefore students taking part in this program will transfer their credits free of charge. Students transferring to other universities will incur a transfer fee. For more information click here.