Evangelism is the very heart of Christianity. It's the reason why the church exist: to share the Good News of God and His love for all humanity.

The council

The Union's Evangelism Council is made up of the following members: All Administrators CARU,All Directors CARU, All Field Presidents, All Assistant to the President for Evangelism, Training and Development, Pastor Inskip Richards, Pastor Terry John, Pastor Durwin Clarke, Sister Victoria De Coteau, Pastor Cliffmond Shameerudeen and Elder Hayden Lorde.

Get involved in evangelism

Personal evangelism
Is where the gospel is conveyed through a one-to-one conversation. Personal evangelism is based on biblical principles that guide and motivate Christians in witnessing.

Small group evangelism
It refers to an activity designed to present the gospel where 4 to 15 persons sit in a circle and the presenter is seated with them.

Church growth
Refers to the strategy or overall plan that a congregation develops to win many members.  It is where new people are regularly won to Christ and brought into the fellowship of the church.

Focuses on a specific act of bringing individuals to faith in Christ and into membership of the church.