Evangelism Tools

Evangelism is the very heart of Christianity. It's the reason why the church exist: to share the Good News of God and His love for all humanity.

"Ministry is the lifeblood of the Adventist church". As a church we ought to be passionate about training, investing and equipping the next generation of Advent Message Evangelists to do the work of evangelism.

CARU School of evangelism online (SOE) provides tools that will give you practical strategies for proclaiming the gospel, with an emphasis on evangelistic preaching, and preparing your church for follow-up with new believers.

Our offering is self-paced and you can consume the resource materials at your leisure. For other resources on ministry, please visit goodnewsexplosion.com for a wealth of crusade tools drawn from over 20 years of gospel ministry by Ps Claudius Morgan.


Evangelism seminar tools

  • Clive Dottin - Plant a Seed - Respond to a Need 
  • Jeffrey Brown - Sing Anyway 1 -4
  • Jony Hajaj - ENG Mingling for God
  • Jony Hajaj - ENG Understanding Islam
  • Leonard Johnson - Cultivating Spiritual Authority in Cross-Cultural Mission
  • Leonard Johnson - Mingling With Others
  • Margaret Ramsarran - How to advocate Hindu
  • Margaret Ramsarran - How to empower Hindu
  • Samuel Telemaque - One Year Church Planting Schedule 2018
  • Samuel Telemaque - Career Missionaries 2018 and beyond policy guidelines.
  • Also included are presentations by Orlando Ramírez and Edgar Redondo. 

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