Media Services

We are a community of believers looking forward to the second Advent of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The following media ministries resources are provided for churches and institutions within our conference.

Live Streaming
tools & services

Live streaming options that churches and ministries can use.

  • YouTube offered by Google allowing users to stream live.
  • Facebook Liveallows online streaming with live feedback and comments.
  • Live, a livestreaming mutli OS app that works for internet-capable cameras.
  • Ustream allows its members to broadcast live streaming video on the Internet.
  • Livestream an on-demand video platform suitable flat-rate live video streaming.

Adventist Identity Guide
standard & tools

Tools and identity guides for website and app developers.

  • Adventist Framework for churches and entities within the Caribbean Union.
  • Global elements for various medias. Include typography, colors, logo identity and the Creation Grid.
  • IAD extension guides to the Adventist Framework which restricts colors to a three color palette.
  • aims to highlight web technology projects of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.