CARU Session ends with Parade of Nations

29 Jul 2022 | CARU Communications

The Caribbean Union 17th Session came to a grand close on Saturday 23rd July 2022 in the late evening with a grand Parade of Nations. During the Business Session, Administrators and Directors were chosen for the Caribbean Union Office and the four...
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Dr. Kern Tobias Re-elected President of the Caribbean Union Conference

22 Jul 2022 | CARU Communications

Late into the evening of the second day of the 17th Session, Dr Kern Tobias was re-elected to serve his third term as President of the Caribbean Union Conference. The President of the Inter-American Division,Dr Ellie Henry as the chairman of the Nominatin
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CARU opens its 17th Session at the University of the Southern Caribbean

21 Jul 2022 | CARU Communications

The 17th Quinquennial Session of the Caribbean Union Conference began at 3:30 pm, on July 20, 2022 with much fanfare at the University of the Southern Caribbean. Almost 200 delegates and Local Conference Administrators were in attendance at the opening ce
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Over four hundred graduate in USC's Graduation 2022

08 Jul 2022 | CARU Communications

The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) held its 89th Graduation Exercises on June 26th, 2022, during which 465 students were presented with degrees and awards. This graduation was held in the new USC Auditorium which was dedicated last year. It wa
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Well known Church pioneer, Nord C. Punch laid to rest in Grenada

02 Jun 2022 | CARU Communications

Across the Grenada Conference, many joined in mourning the loss of Dr Nord Punch, former President of the Grenada Mission. In a statement to the church, Dr Clinton Lewis, President of the Grenada Conference stated, ‘Dr Nord Punch, former Superintendent a
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Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists in Trinidad appoints new CEO

26 May 2022 | CARU Communications

The Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventist welcomes its newly appointed CEO, Stephen S. Carryl. MD. The Hospital which was established in 1948 is located at Western Main Road; Cocorite, Trinidad and Tobago.
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CARU to host in-person Union Session

28 Apr 2022 | CARU Communications

The Executive Committee of the Caribbean Union has voted that the Upcoming Union Session, to be held from July 20-22, 2022, will follow the traditional in-person format. This Committee meeting was held on Thursday 14th April 2022. According to Pastor...
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Caribbean Union says goodbye to longstanding SCC Pastor Garvin Paul

17 Apr 2022 | CARU Communications

On Sunday, April 17th, 2022 the South Caribbean Conference (SCC) held a tribute service for pastor Gavin Paul who recently passed away. Under the theme ‘See you later Pastor Garvin Paul, Part 1. Pastor Paul was a native of Grenada but lived most of his li
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Tobago's ASI Chapter & Mission launches AIN News

26 Mar 2022 | CARU Communications

The Tobago Chapter of ASI in collaboration with the Communication Department of the Mission recently launched its Digital Newsletter program, AIN. AIN stands for Adventist Information Network and was conceived as an innovative means of sharing Mission...
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Over 900 from the Caribbean Union baptized in the Hope Beyond Series

19 Mar 2022 | CARU Communications

Over 900 persons were baptised in the Caribbean Union in the Hope Beyond Mega Evangelism event called the Footprints of Hope Series. These baptisms were reported across the ten (10) Conferences and Missions in the Caribbean Union. According to its website
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