“I will go”. Answering the call to online evangelism

30 Sep 2021 | CARU Communications

As the curtains came down on the Caribbean Union’s Good News Gospel Explosion which was held earlier this year, members were challenged to embrace the motto of I will go. This evangelism initiative held across the 23 Unions of the IAD was launched on Sabbath November 7, 2020, during a special, online worship service.

I will go Article

According to the IAD website, the launch program was meant to “inspire them (church leaders, pastors and ministry leaders to embrace the extensive initiative, which promises to mobilize unified efforts to spread the gospel in large and small cities through dozens of activities in the months and years ahead”.

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has in some territories, severely impacted local churches and the territorial crusades of the past has now been forced into a virtual space. Across the Caribbean union many lay preachers and ministerial staff have risen to the challenge of “teaching and baptizing” even with the varied restrictions across the Caribbean region which make up our Union. This is not easy as in some regions lockdowns have been aggressive and has even impacted regular church services. For example, in the South Caribbean Conference, it’s been months since some members have been present at a church, and sadly in some cases well over a year.

A cursory glance of the various YouTube and Facebook social media presence across the union indicates several programs that have been run as leaders work to bring healing and salvation to the souls of fellow citizens. From the islands of the North Caribbean Conference to the expanse of the Guyana and Suriname in the South America continent, members and leaders have embraced the call to share the Good News of salvation online.

In the South Caribbean Conference, we’ve had at least district/ministry crusades featuring young ministers Pastors Randy Dixon and Venton Charles and seasoned ministers such as Ps Lester Joseph. It must be mentioned that the Adolescent Crusade held through a collaborative effort of Trinidad ASI, Youth and Adolescent Ministries was an online event featuring only youth speakers. In Tobago Mission, we’ve seen a fully online evangelism crusade and other union territories members have rallied to the “I Will Go” call.  In some territories, these evangelism efforts are traditional crusades but even health and lifestyle message presentations. For example, the St. Lucia Mission recently concluded an engaging the engaging series “A healthier You Amidst covid-19’, and in the North Caribbean Conference, the Living Hope Gospel Explosion featuring Dr Henry Peters is just getting warmed up. The East Caribbean conference is ‘My Forever Friend’ series featured several of the Conference’s younger pastoral staff with each speaking on various topics.


We give thanks to God for those all the speakers, ministry leaders who have answered the call to online ministry in these times of lockdowns, restrictions, vaccine mandates and curfews. We encourage all readers to be a part of any online evangelism effort in your area.  For those who are part of the prayer support team, continue in prayer. For those who are part of the technical teams more certainly it is intensive, and sometimes exhaustive but be faithful, God will give you the reward. The I Will Go evangelism initiative may now and going forward be online: we encourage all to get the ‘Ministry to others train’ as we continue to spread the good news in these trying times.