The Union's Evangelism Summit hailed a success

31 Jan 2021 | CARU Communications

The Caribbean Union Conference recently concluded it's Evangelism summit over the weekend of January 22-24, 2021. 

While there have been previously held Evangelism Summit this was unique in several ways and was fully online. It featured presentations from a range of speakers within the Caribbean union, the Inter-America Division and the General Conference. The three-day event began on Friday 22nd January and concluded on Sunday 24th around 1:00 pm.

In sharing his thoughts Dr Kern Tobias, the Union President stated 

“The “I Will Go” Evangelism Summit was a tremendous success by all standards. It was well organized and coordinated by the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Directors, Pastor Ashton O’Neil and Sister Debbie Felix respectively. Considering that Pastor O’Neil carried both Ministries, it was wonderful to observe the truism that two are better than one, as was demonstrated during the Summit.

The presenters, Pastor James Howard of the General Conference, and Dr Balvin Braham and Dr Samuel Telemaque of the Inter-American Division were simply superb. The information that they shared was profound and practical. They were able to provide motivation and mobilization to the attendees, which were more than eight hundred at the peak attendance.

A special feature of the Summit was the launch of the “Acts of Kindness” initiative. This program offered the attendees the opportunity to keep in focus the need to shine for Jesus every day. The Evangelism Summit would long be remembered and relived. God was glorified!

During the Sabbath presentations over 800 persons were in attendance at the zoom only meetings, and the audience was engaging with questions within each segment and encouraging comments. Some of the questions examined include:

  • What is the Pastor's role in ministering to those who leave the church? Quite often the members are asked to do the reconciliation and these members complain that they do not hear or see from the Pastor.
  • Good morning, does involvement mean to place them into an office? and if so can we do this even if they may still be practising the wrong they use to practice? (not what we see for ourselves, but according to others). please tell us the right procedure.
  • How does the Medical Ministry fit into this model? M of Healing Matthew 10: 7, 8 Every gospel worker should feel that the giving of instruction in the principles of healthful living is a part of his appointed work. 
  • Would it be a good idea for a disciple to go through the Handbook before mentorship or mentoring a new member?
  • Question how do we handle officers which override the young people that are given offices, rather than teaching them and supporting them
  • Are we saying as well that the youths of today can’t be trained cognitive discipline? Spiritual ADHD

This program was unquestionably a technical success as it was smoothly controlled and delivered by CARU Go-Live team. The principal host, CARU’s Personal Ministries Director Pastor Ashton O'Neal and  Debra Felix ( Sabbath School Director ) expressed their thanks to ‘Brother Tristan Samuel and his team for what was an excellent well-conducted Zoom event”.

The Union expresses its gratitude to all individuals who ensured this event was a success.

Photo credit. Garnett Joseph Photography. Used by permission.