Amidst a Pandemic, SVG Mission host 2nd Session

10 Oct 2021 | CARU Communications

The Second Quadrennial Session of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Mission was held from September 29th to October 2nd, 2021. Under the theme “Led by His Spirit, I Will Go” the session was held at the Richland Park Seventh-day Adventist church.

According to the welcome letter from the administrators “We are meeting under special and unique circumstances, occasioned by the Global Covid-19 Pandemic and the local La Soufriere Volcanic Eruption Pandemic which forced the postponement of the convening of the Session on two previous occasions.” The session was initially delayed due to the CoVID-19 Pandemic and delayed again due to the La Soufriere Volcano eruption.  The Union Administration confirmed that this was the first convened Business Session of any CARU sub-entity since the Pandemic began and for this, we are grateful to Almighty God.

SVG Session 2021Pastor Kerry Kerr, Communications Director of the Mission shared that “the combination of unique circumstances (social distancing, church capacity restrictions and other pandemic protocols) has resulted in the session having some logistical challenges to the media and communication team”.  Pastor Kerr expressed gratitude to all the various teams as well as those from outside the SVG who also assisted in ensuring the online Mission Session was indeed a success.

The devotional segments of the program were carried live on the SVG media YouTube channel while the business sessions for the delegates was conducted online using the Zoom Online Telephony platform. Pastor Kerr also shared that “this (the SVG Session) could be the model used for other missions and conferences faced with restrictions on gatherings due to the ongoing pandemic”. In speaking to CARU Media he also shared that the three Union Administrators were actively engaged in the planning even up to the evening before convening of the Session. As a Mission field entity, the Caribbean Union has direct oversight. 

The opening program was executed so smoothly that comments on the live stream were very encouraging and positive. The Union President in his opening remarks expressed delight in the Session finally convening and expressed the hope of a ‘spirit-filled session’. In his remarks, he expressed “gratefulness to God that we could have a virtual Session”. Inter American Division greetings were conveyed by Dr James Daniel who shared story nuggets of the way God has led the Adventist Church in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While Dr James Daniel expressed greetings the official IAD representative was Pastor Al Powell, Youth Director of the Inter American Division who delivered the keynote sermon on the session opening. The morning devotion speaker was Dr Fazaduddin Hosein, Chair of the Theology Department, University of the Southern Caribbean. Speaking on the topic “Filled with the Holy Ghost” Dr Faz brought his devotional presentations to life with props as commented by Pastor Dermoth Baptiste mused how ‘animated even the dogs in the background’ enjoyed Dr Faz’s devotions.

The purpose of the Session was to receive reports, evaluate the performance of the Mission during the period January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2019, elect Departmental or Ministries Directors, appoint a new Executive Committee and make recommendations for the ensuing quadrennium. The business sessions were conducted per church policies and regulations.

As a mission entity, the local Administrators are appointed by the Governing Union, CARU however several directors were voted and accepted. Please visit the SVG mission for on the Session. The Adventist Church is the Caribbean Union is grateful to God that despite the various challenges this session was finally conducted.