CARU Session ends with Parade of Nations

29 Jul 2022 | CARU Communications

The Caribbean Union 17th Session came to a grand close on Saturday 23rd July 2022 in the late evening with a grand Parade of Nations. 

Guyana Delegation

During the Business Session, Administrators and Directors were chosen for the Caribbean Union Office and the four (4) Missions that are administered by the conference.  The final report of the Nominating Committee as voted and approved is available here.

Nominating Committee report for Union Session 2022

The Parade of Nations event was hosted by Dr Clive Dottin and Ursha Ramlakhan and showcased the ten (10) fields of the Caribbean Union Conference dressed in native cultural attire. This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Caribbean Union’s YouTube channel. Video reports can be found viewed on our website's report page

Of all the Session activities, the parade of nations is often the highlight for visitors and delegates and allows each region to share information about their territories, and those who take part in these parades include guests and spouses of delegates and leaders. We are grateful to God for His leading during the Session and for being able to end on a note of joyous expression and national displays of culture.