CARU's Stewardship Department hosts online Stewardship workshop

17 Aug 2020 | CARU Communications

Under the caption "faithfulness- our security for an eternal destiny",  the Stewardship Department of the Union held a Seminar on Sabbath August 7th, 2020. The one-day event was broadcast via the union’s YouTube channel and Facebook pages with the broadcast location being the University of the Southern Caribbean campus in Trinidad.

This Stewardship Seminar was different from previous years as due to the CoViD-19 Pandemic it was fully online and available to all. Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions participants, guests and presenters outside of Trinidad were provided via the Zoom platform. The program featured a number of panellists and speakers from the higher church organization including Dr James Daniel Vice-President of Inter American Division, with greetings and remarks from IAD Director, Dr Roberto Herrera.

The online program began with a prayer followed by opening remarks by CARU's Stewardship Director Dr Gandalal Samlalsingh. A smiling and animated Pastor Samlalsingh set the tone for the all-day event by welcoming all online participants.

One of the event's highlight was a panel discussion moderated by Pastors Samlalsingh and Teelbaney Singh with panellists Pastors Marcos Bomfim, Aniel Barbe, Dr James Daniel, Pastors Johnson Frederick, Bertie Henry, and Elder Joel Hazelwood. Viewing members provided feedback and questions related to Christian Stewardship such as:

  • What can the Pastor and other Church leaders do in a church or with members who are not demonstrating faithfulness not only in Tithes and offerings but in all areas of stewardship?
  • Does the Pastor have a right to review the treasurer's book as regards to members faithfulness? 
  • Please explain how the tithe dollar is divided/distributed at the various levels of the church.
  • How can the church incorporate the use of spiritual gifts in the annual/biannual process of selection of church officers?
  • I have heard stewardship and evangelism are related. Can you share ways in which the church can raise funds for public evangelism besides taking money from the combined budget or receiving funds from the Conference/Mission?
  • I have been told that when I return tithe owed, I must add up to 20% of the regular tithe to the money owed. Is this practice biblical and wherein the Church Manual does it direct me to follow this practice?
  • Why do we tithe as there is no indication of it in the New Testament Church, why can't I just give offerings as seen in the book of Acts?

The Divine hour sermon was provided by CARU President Dr Kern Tobias. The program continued in the afternoon and concluded with prayer. The whole day was spent with a focus of engaging, sharing and encouraging participants and members on the need for Stewardship faithfulness to God.

Members, visitors and friends can follow CARU programs online via their YouTube channel or Facebook account.