Church group in Mustique hold first ever Communion

23 Nov 2019 | Terence Haynes

“To God be the glory, great things He has done!” These were the words of celebration that resonated from the lips of the members of the congregation in Mustique, as they finally celebrated the long-awaited Communion Service on Sabbath 07, September 2019.

This desire to conduct a communion service in Mustique was initially conceived during informal discussions between Pastor Haynes and the leading members of the company of believers, regarding the way forward for the small congregation. One of the challenges that members often encounter is that on their return to St. Vincent on vacation, they find that the quarterly communion service either was already conducted or that it would be held after they return to work duties on Mustique.

The first Sabbath in September was selected for the service and plans were made and executed to enable this special service to become a reality. These plans included securing the articles for the emblems, basins and towels for the foot washing service, obtaining the wine and the preparation of the unleavened bread. The “Upper Room” was already secured by the members since they had recently returned to their regular place of worship that had been renovated by the Mustique Company and dedicated by Ps Shane Franklyn, on Monday, July 22, 2019. 

Contact was made with Ps Shane Franklyn, Ministerial Secretary of the SVG Mission, who was instrumental in securing the articles for the emblems, basins and towels from the Glen Church. Sis. Claudia Bailey, one of the senior members of the group, prepared the emblems, with the assistance of Sis Patricia Tyrell of the Choppins Church. To all these persons that so willingly assisted a heart-felt appreciation is expressed.

The day commenced with a rousing song service directed by Bro Nelbert Pompey. Both visitors and members attending received a traditional “Mustique welcome” and warm smiles. Sis Pauline Joseph conducted the Sabbath School feature which was concise and complemented the Communion theme. Sis Janelle Thompson ably led out in the review of the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide and there was no shortage of participation by those present.


The divine service was directed by Bro Thaddeus Stewart with the assistance of Bro Pompey. The homily was presented by Ps Terence Haynes, and was entitled, Theology In A Towel. It focused on the first communion service recorded in Chapter 13 of the gospel of Saint John. After the foot washing service, an integral part of the service, members gathered to participate in the communion. Bro Pompey and Elder Sis Joseph assisted Pastor Haynes during the service, which was simple, yet inspiring. Non-Adventist guests present, among a total congregation of 15 persons, also participated, since the Church practices an open communion - that is, persons are free to participate, provided that they are living faithfully to all the truth that they know.

The small but vibrant company of believers in Mustique look forward to further communion services as they become more integrated in the activities of the Northern Grenadines District and the leadership of their new pastor Alfred Charles.