End it now campaign online program by CARU a success

23 Sep 2020 | Caru Communications

As part of the annual Enditnow Campaign,  the Caribbean Union recently held a one week online series to celebrate this major event on the Union's Calendar. 

The Union's Women, Youth and Family Life Ministries collaborative effort provided one high impact series that dealt with the mechanics of domestic violence and helping persons side step this social scourge.

Enditnow is a global initiative by the Seventh-day Andentist Church to raise awareness and advocate for the end of domestic violence around the world. It aims to mobilize Church members to collaborate with other interest groups and invites community members and groups in resolving these issues that affects all societies.

The facilitator for the program which began on August 22nd, 2020 was Dr. Neals Chitan, a Social Skill and Crime Reduction Consultant. Dr. Chitan who was born in the Eastern Caribbean  is the founder of Motiv-8 for Change, an international organization that focuses on the motivation and rehabilitation of delinquent youth.

Dr. Neals Chitan touched on a range of social issues such as "Whats in a name?" on Sabbath August 22nd. During the week a number of presentations where made on a range of topics.

Sunday - Decoding the Human love bonds

Monday - Stop and think

Tuesday - Sexual decisions

Wednesday - Domestic violence

Thursday  - Respect, the magic factor

Friday - The joy seeking factor ( of human behavior )

On Sabbath, August 29, 2020 the program was brought to a close with an impactful topic Hurt at Home which featured a question and answer segment.

The program was broadcast online via the Union's YouTube Channel. Members and visitors are invited to review or share these presentations as a ministry to help those in need.

Q and A 

Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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Enditnow® Emphasis Day AUGUST 22, 2020


The Dynamics of Domestic Violence PDF booklet