Local church impacts community affected by pandemic

30 May 2020 | Davin Scarborough

The village of Codrington felt the weight of the love and commitment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a very tangible way. Since these COVID-19 times have caused some persons to experience reductions in salaries and others to lose jobs altogether, the church has responded to the cries of the community.

At the heart of Christ’s method for true success in reaching people is the crucial component of ministering to the needs of others. As such, on 1 Wednesday 20th May 2020, twenty-five homes of community members became the beneficiaries of funds totalling $5,000.00 EC. Prior to this move, the church leadership observed a few groups giving specific groceries but thought that individuals may be the best ones to determine what their needs were. As such, the Barbuda Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to give gift vouchers, each amounting to $200.00 EC.

For each home that received the vouchers, there was a genuine sense of gratitude. Some expressed it with warm smiles and words of commendation for the initiative, and others silently nodded their heads in approval while receiving the vouchers. A follow-up was done by the church leadership in the supermarket which partnered with the church for this community project and they reported that most of the beneficiaries had received the much needed goods for their households in a mere two days after the vouchers were distributed.

One of the recipients testified that God had sent the team because she had just spent her last dollar while tending to a hospitalized family member. She was overcome with emotion and simply thanked the team for this act of love, and further stated that this voucher would definitely benefit her and the family. Testimonies such as this made the voucher distribution worthwhile.

Additionally, just prior to the advent of COVID-19, the church was able to assist two community members. For one community member it was by providing financial assistance to aid with a much needed surgery. For the other community member it was by providing financial assistance to aid in the restoration of his vehicle. The vehicle had reportedly burst into flames a few months prior, and rendered him unable to provide for his family. As such, the church was very pleased to provide support.

Ultimately, the community has been greatly impacted by the Seventh-day Adventist body in Barbuda; needs have been met, lives have been touched, and the Gospel has been proclaimed. We look forward to see the fruits of these labors of love in time to come and in eternity. We give God all the praise for what He is doing and for what He will continue to do in the lives of individuals until our Lord Jesus returns to take His people home.