Over 900 from the Caribbean Union baptized in the Hope Beyond Series

19 Mar 2022 | CARU Communications

Over 900 persons were baptised in the Caribbean Union in the Hope Beyond Mega Evangelism event called the Footprints of Hope Series. These baptisms were reported across the ten (10) Conferences and Missions in the Caribbean Union.

According to its website, “Hope Beyond is the umbrella brand representing the evangelistic initiatives for the five (5) English speaking unions of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists”. These are the Atlantic Caribbean, Belize Union Mission, Dutch Caribbean Union Mission, Jamaica Union and our own Caribbean Union.

The Footprints of Hope series was the first mega evangelism effort under the Hope Beyond brand and for six weeks, beginning Jan 15th, 2022, there were nightly sermons presented by the Speaker, Pastor Glen Samuels. Pastor Samuels currently serves as the President of the West Jamaica Conference.

In the Caribbean Union, each Conference and Union provided online support. The program was offered online on the Caribbean Union’s YouTube channel and several Conferences and Mission also offered the livestream to their constituents. Each Conference and Mission had their local bible and prayer support staff to support our friends and visitors on the journey to baptism. The baptismal numbers by territory are provided below.

Guyana-313, Suriname-03, Tobago-42, Trinidad-301, Grenada-75, St. Vincent and the Grenadines-47, East Caribbean Conference (Barbados & Dominica)-62, St. Lucia-37, St. Lucia-37 and North Caribbean Conference (USVI, BVI, St.Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba, Anguilla)-56.


We give God thanks for those who were baptised and encourage all new members to continue to grow in grace and in the Lord.