Over 30 Baptized after Holy Convocation Stewardship Program

10 May 2021 | CARU Communications

The Stewardship Department of the Caribbean Union recently conducted a Stewardship Impact program under the caption of "Holy Convocation". The program was held from April 17 to April 24, 2021.

The speaker for the Convocation was Pastor Dr Gandalal Samlalsingh, Stewardship Director of the Caribbean Union. According to Pastor Samlalsingh, "the focus of the Holy Convocation was spiritual renewal, with an emphasis on in-reach more than outreach. Its goal was to renew each listener's covenant relationship with God". Although the focus was sharing with members about the "seven C's of stewardship"  the power of God's Word within the message resulted in over 30 reported baptisms across the Union with the South Caribbean Conference, St Lucia Mission, North Caribbean Conference, and Grenada conference reporting.

Holy Convocation Banner

The program was a union-wide one-week event where all entity fields were responsible for a segment. The North Caribbean Conference hosted the first program with the South Caribbean conference assigned the last Sabbath. Pastor Samlalsingh also stated that the Convocation was originally planned for last year, 2020, but was postponed to 2021 and delivered online. This proved a blessing as the viewership extended outside of the Caribbean Union territories as well. 

Through the series, Pastor Samlalsingh expounded on the “seven C’s of stewardship” which are as follows:

  • Calling- Our unique calling to stewardship discipleship.

  • Compassion - our unquestionable character

  • Commitment -Our unquenchable compassionate stewardship

  • Character - our  unreserved and undying commitment character

  • Commission - unparalleled commission to save humanity

  • Conformity - our unwavering conformity to a stewardship lifestyle

  • Celebration - our unending celebration in worship and giving

The entire series can be found on the Caribbean Union's YouTube channel.

The impactful sermon series was punctuated with notable quotes such as 'mission comes before money, 'one cannot outwork God', 'the nexus between stewardship and mission is our commission', 'when God blesses you it is not to hoard, but as an instrument to share' and 'when we use the term given, we are really using the term returning'. During the various sermons, the pastor also reminded listeners that there are different aspects of the Christian lifestyle in relation to our eating habits and 'even what we eat is an act of stewardship.

Pastor Samlalsingh indicated that 'the seven C's of stewardship' sermon series will soon be expounded on in a book he is currently working on that is expected to be published soon.

We give God thanks for this series and for His continued blessings on the Church.