Caribbean Union set to launch innovative evangelistic campaign

15 Jan 2021 | CARU Communications

The Caribbean Union is set to launch an innovative evangelistic online campaign featuring world Evangelist Pastor Dr Claudius Morgan. This campaign "CARU Impact Good News Explosion'' is carded to begin on February 26, 2021, and is expected to run for a total of five weeks.


While several churches and fields have created innovative programs within the past nine months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this is the first online evangelism program under the auspices of the Caribbean Union. This program is expected to include several supporting technologies and digital evangelism strategies.


According to Pastor Morgan, evangelist and communication director of the Caribbean Union, every field of the Union will be streaming the program. However, its reach is global as other fields and churches in other parts of the world will also be streaming the event. This is the first such program within the Caribbean Union.


The host location is the Oldbury Campsite in Barbados a facility of the East Caribbean Conference. The Caribbean Union will be carrying the program for four weeks with the local host Conference continuing sharing the good news for an extra week. The topics for the first week include: 


  • Our Evangelistic Mandate! Sabbath
  • Are we ready for COVID 20? Friday
  • The conversion of Nebuchadnezzar
  • Sunday You can take it to the bank!
  • Tuesday Torn between two lovers
  • Monday Out on bail
  • What is the big deal about baptism?
  •  Time to slow down!


The program will be distributed across various platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. 


The Union's website will be providing updates on this momentous evangelistic event. Let's join in prayer as we work together for the salvation of our fellow men.