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Finishing the 'Recording of 2020'

05 Jan 2021 | Syrus Herbert | Other Church Organization

As we have finished the recording of 2020. The set is now silent. We have now moved on to the set 2021 and there are a lot of things that we can be grateful for in 2020. It taught us the importance of technology but also how much life as we know it today depends on it. The Year when travel became a thing of the past and Zoom (which I dislike for multiple reasons) became our everyday commute to school, work and entertainment. 

The year that everyone watched Tiger King and learned that the president of the US also is a medical practitioner. Oh did I forget to mention, it was the year of the single most disruptive thing that we have seen this century COVID -19. It caused the world as we know it to change at a moment's notice. The year that the world has elections in multiple countries during a pandemic with historic voter turnouts. Where persons spoke up globally against oppression and discrimination at the risk of their own lives because they had enough. 

The year we all dance on Tik Tok and masked are part of our daily attire. The year where we saw wildlife return to an area once dominated by human and commercial traffic. Where the impacts of climate change affected every corner of the world with historic weather systems bringing the topic of climate change back to the fore. 

The year where the economy had the biggest rollercoaster ride since the 2008 crisis. Yet still, we came through this stronger and more unified. Where family bonds were made closer by persons spending more time at home. The community comes out to support each other in meaningful ways and are their brother’s keepers. An outpouring of gratitude for our frontline workers who risk their lives to ensure the safety of others. Being torn away from their family's for their own safety while bringing hope at humanity's darkest hour. 

2020 has taught us a lot and most important that we can adapt as people. That we are resilient and can withstand whatever may come our way. The importance of being our brother's keeper and we are innovative and forward thinkers. Remembering that we are all the same under the sun in spite of our creed, race or socioeconomic status. United we stand, Divided we fall. 

As we go into 2021 remember the lessons for the first chapter in this decade, It reminded of some of the basic tenets of humanity that we all have forgotten along the way. The first time many would have seen Time Square Empty for the new year ball drop. However, as we continue along the journey called life to remember that we are Stronger Together. Happy New Year to your and your family. 

Syrus Herbert is a member of the Caribbean Union Tech Team and shares his reflective thoughts for 2020.