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Peace in the midst of decay

05 May 2022 | Dr. Oscar Ocho | South Caribbean Conference

We are witnessing a global phenomenon in which the level of social decadence has reached exponential proportions. In almost every society there are unprecedented examples of social decay to the extent that morality is under threat.

Murders are becoming so commonplace that life is no longer considered sacred for it could be snuffed out for a few dollars. Corruption has become so pervasive in so much that all that is required is to be aligned politically or be economically viable enough to 'buy justice'.

Rights have become the new norm since individuals fight for respect from others as long as they believe that their rights are threatened. Yet, in the very process of expressing their rights there is a commensurate level of insensitivity to the importance of accepting responsibility for one's actions.

Individuals are placed in positions of authority and trust, yet these very persons breach the level of trust invested in them just because they feel powerful. We are sometimes so misguided in our positions on moral propriety that lines become blurred and our judgment warped depending on who commits the act.

We want peace but will never experience it without justice and fair play for many come to the table with a pseudo perception of engagement. We want happiness but will never truly be happy unless and until we realize that happiness comes from knowing and worshipping God and not amassing and worshipping things. 

We want respect for our positions but are comfortable disrespecting and disregarding others especially if their opinion is different from ours. The real problem is we all want a sense of comfort and satisfaction without depending on the One who can provide ALL that we need.

I am so glad to know that in spite of the moral and social decay, I experience a sense of peace, purpose and palpable joy. The world cannot give it nor can it be taken from me since it is provided by the Prince of Peace. What about you? 

Dr. Oscar Noel Ocho is the Director of the UWI School of Nursing, in Trinidad. A Seventh-day Adventist, He is a well known and sought after speaker who regularly shares his weekly devotional thought