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Reflecting on the year 2020

02 Jan 2021 | Dr. Oscar Ocho | South Caribbean Conference

I just could not help but reflect on the goodness and favour of God knowing that we are at the cusp of the final days, less than a week, of what can be considered an eventful year 2020. This year started and was interspersed with so many issues and challenges that affected and may continue to affect our lives for a significant period beyond 2020.

Never would any of us have imagined that an invisible virus could have had such a phenomenal impact on the environment as well as human civilization. It has taught us how transient life truly is as well as how interconnected we are regardless of any sociopolitical or cultural persuasions to which we are aligned. 

Yet it has also brought with it a reality that illiteracy is not relegated to the individual without numeracy and literary competence, especially as we listened to responses of supposedly intelligent individuals to the virus. More importantly, it has reminded us of how insensitive and uncaring we could be towards each other as individuals exposed themselves and the vulnerable by their actions.

2020 has also demonstrated the unparalleled power of narcissism by politicians in their attempt to maintain power even if it meant or means doing irreparable damage to their integrity. Yet it has also provided us with sufficient evidence about the willingness of others to support wrong and unethical conduct because it suits them.

But in spite of it all we have made it safely to this point in our life experiences COVID19 free and safe from the challenges of this eventful year. Yet I think about a day like today in which the entire world, regardless of religious persuasion, are reminded of the birth of a man who has forever changed this world, Jesus.

Sadly, the average person spends so much time in commercialism or consumerism when they should be reflecting on the Christ who is no longer in a manger but is our advocate who desires to live in our hearts. I am so glad that this is not a period when I focus on commercialism or consumerism but am grateful for my Saviour who is my forever friend. What about you? Have a blessed Sabbath.

Dr. Ocho writes weekly devotional thoughts for the SCC Men's Ministries