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Staying connected to the Source

08 Apr 2022 | Syrus Herbert | South Caribbean Conference

I like many people, live a very highly connected life. What is meant by this statement, we have a device within a moment's notice that can connect us to someone else, learn about a situation, do research, etc. Many of us don't realise the importance of this luxury until it's gone. Being connected to the information highway as we know it. 

It was day 9202 when reality truly set in. I have been disconnected before but never truly disconnected the way this experience was. No internet, no voice call services, for the most part, limited SMS connectivity, limited data connectivity and the icing on the cake, no electricity. Yes, no electricity for 40,492 seconds. 

I counted it in seconds because the experience was surreal. You think that the internet is the backbone of your connected life and your devices. However, many people take it for granted that the true source of our connected and modern life is electricity.

Firstly, outside of our internet-connected devices, no lights, no air conditioning or fans, no television or radios, no water pumps (in some cases no water at all) and I have not touched on luxury items like elevators. Some of us may not be able to access our homes due to our security systems and places of work coming to a standstill. Traffic management systems don't work like traffic lights and digital signboards. 

Oh, the greatest because this one happened to me - having vex money is important. I limited cash on me and needed to pay for an item that exceeded the amount I had on me. Planned to use a card, but delivery arrived and was not able to receive the items due to the machine not being able to connect. Using an ATM made no sense due to no power.

How many of us are forced to remember the basics - batteries, flashlight, natural cooling, using matches, consuming beverages and water at room temperature. Take a shower with a bucket and heat water on the stove. 

Experiences remind us that we sometimes look at the symptoms of the problem and not the root cause. Also as we begin to grow and florist we forget about our roots and where we came from. That we need to stay connected to the Source (God) and where our power truly comes from. Remembering that "it is not what is on the surface but it is the internal structures that matter".

Syrus Herbert is a member of the Caribbean Union Tech Team and shares his reflective thoughts on connectivity and the Soutce of Power