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The Chapter of 2021 is Now Completed

08 Jan 2022 | Syrus Herbert | South Caribbean Conference

​​The chapter of 2021 is now completed. The ink has dried and we have begun to write the chapter of 2022. As will every completed chapter we can look back on the good that has come from and ways we can live better and develop.

2021 started with great hope for society as we saw that vaccines were now available to help with the fight against covid, little did we know that there would be difficult to access it in many regions of the world and furthermore the mutation of the virus. And the biggest release of misinformation and conspiracy theories  We became immune to death as we know it. Families are torn apart by a virus we knew little about with many not being able to say goodbye, however, we saw justice and unity. In the face of discrimination, inequality and segregation we saw persons rallying together to ensure that our fellow man was taken care of. Many people reunited for the first time in months bringing a greater appreciation for the one we love and to cherish every moment we have together.

We also understood the importance of happiness, as millions left their jobs because they wanted to work in an environment where they were valued. Leading to one of the biggest shortages in the labour market, As we speak of shortages things got more interesting as we saw a global supply chain crisis the worst we have ever seen since, life-saving supply stuck at sea for months. If that in itself was not bad, We learned about the Suez Canal when many of us this year was stuck to our devices when it blocked, one of the most vital waterways for over a week.

Looking for a new planet to live on while our leaders can't come together to put measures in place to safeguard the future of billions of humans in the face of unprecedented weather events globally. We saw civil unrest grow in many areas of the world and the democratic process is always at risk of being undermined, away. We saw the US capital being taken hostage with riots incited by the then sitting president.

Historic first with the election of a female VP in the United States and oldest President, a great migration globally and the withdrawal of the US troops from the middle east. Countries importing oxygen to help people live. An Olympics being hosted a year later than its scheduled date with no spectators. Countries winning their first-ever medal and athletes choosing share top awards. Athletes and many other persons around the world choose their mental health and happiness,  even members of the royal family speaking on it. More women in positions of leadership and taking charge in world affairs. New countries entering the space race.

We went through the long story but to summarize 2021 in one sentence:  In the face of catastrophe, we as a people became resilient, learning to lean on and empower each other even in the darkest of times. As we go into 2022,  Remember we are not in this journey of life alone, and we are always ....Stronger Together. Happy New Year to you and your family

Syrus Herbert is a member of the Caribbean Union Tech Team and shares his reflective thoughts for 2021.