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The Christian and social media in a covid-19 world

21 Dec 2020 | Connell Hunte | Other Church Organization

As a technology professional, I'm particularly careful of my digital footprint. I understand that my social posts and other digital activities will likely be 'long-stored in the clouds' well into the future. For many non-technical Christians, this may seem extreme, even humorous, but the harsh reality is social media has morphed into a monster with its own "digital government". 

Usually, I read, re-read, think and ensure my thoughts convey balance. I make every effort to ensure all posts are free of any aggrandizing and off-coloured remarks. After all, it's easy to search for a profile and associated keywords to determine a person's online and even psychological profile. 

Facebook's posts placeholder poses the question 'what's on your mind?' At times we may truly wish to share exactly what's upstairs, but even in digital space, we're still a Christian! Christianity does not 'take a break' just because Facebook says to speak your mind.  As Christians, our social media footprint ought to reflect our faith, be kind to others and never hinder the cause of God.

The Christian is encouraged that whatsoever we do, do it to the glory of God. In these days of Covid-19, Pandemic and restrictions on public worship, many are looking to the Christian to point them to God. Let us not disappoint them if instead of speaking to us in person, they reach out to us via social media.

Submitted by Caru communications team