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The Good News CARU Impact 2021, A perspective

03 Apr 2021 | Connell Hunte | Other Church Organization

The Good News CARU Impact 2021 program is now over. As a member of the team, I've decided to share my thoughts as well as musings of others who've worked in this crusade as we share a behind the scenes look. 

There was much prayer, moments of laughter within teams, camaraderie, calling and support, reminders of tight deadlines, apologies for any lateness but it was all about working together as professionals, enthusiasts and supporters. Of course, even in the Caribbean, our citizens have their own cultural quirks and differences, we respond differently to various situations, so it was a nice potpourri. 

As a Digital and Communication Technology professional, I was just happy to see the convergence of the Digital Evangelism being delivered at a level of consistent engagement, meaningful messaging and critical personalized support all backed by awesome preaching and digital delivery. I was blessed to have a conversation with Dr Balvin Braham of the Inter American Division (IAD) as he shared the vision and committee approved mandate for large Union-wide evangelism efforts being held across the Division. I shared Philip Fahie's vision of technology for supporting the work of the Gospel through the various platforms offered by Evangefy. To discuss the strategies for aggregating data, data analytics and social media strategies and goals was refreshing. Personally to me, it felt as God was saying 'my children I am with you! keep moving forward!'

I now see the awesome majestic providence of Almighty God in shutting down Barbados that the #GNCARU 2021 program had to be virtual: it resulted in a more durable evangelism reusable product. Lest we forget his protection and care, no team member as far as has been reported came down with COVID-19, there were no reported police tickets insofar as curfew was concerned and all was kept in a good measure of health to be sustained in the work God had appointed them to do. 

As a general statement, some would hardly be surprised to hear a flavour of this statement 'it seems too much of production and not a crusade'.  For many Adventist, crusades must and should conform to a typical run format. I've often answered it one simple way: we're living in an era of Generation X, Y, Z and our ministry must appeal to all. If our ministry delivery evolves and God blessed it, to Him be the glory. 

The standard has been set, we can't go back, we must move forward in God. We do not know when these lockdowns and restrictions will end: the Gospel commission to preach, teach and baptize must go forward, Pandemic or not.  

As Pastor Braham intimated, we must now lift our strategies of retention to the place that those we baptised can truly feel a part of the great Advent Movement. Where we have to lift our methods, let's get to it. Only Heaven will tell how many will be blessed by our virtual crusades. We need to move all of our standards. Where we can use technologies...let's all declare to Jesus…' Here I am Lord...I will Go!'

Mr Hunte is a member of the Caribbean Union Conference Communications team