About Our Union

The Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist is a community of believers looking forward to the second advent of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

About Us

Located in Maraval, Trinidad, the staff of the Caribbean Union Conference provides administrative services and resources to Seventh-day Adventist Church's conferences and organization across the English speaking Caribbean from the U.S. Virgin Islands in the north to Guyana in the south.

The Caribbean Union consists of ten conferences/missions/regions. These are: the East Caribbean, Grenada, Guyana, North Caribbean, and South Caribbean Conferences; St. Lucia, Suriname, Tobago, South Leeward, St. Vincent and the Grenadines are our Missions fields.

Our Union

The Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is committed to the gospel of caring and sharing, preaching the everlasting gospel, promoting a philosophy of education that involves the harmonious development of the head, the heart, and the hand.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Adventist church in the Caribbean Union is to prepare the people of the region for the glorious second advent of Jesus through the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and to make loving, obedient disciples of Jesus Christ, who, having experienced His transforming grace, will go forth under the power of the Holy Spirit to share joyfully with others the good news of salvation.

Our Vision

Our vision sees a united, praying, consecrated force of ministers and laypersons, old and young, male and female, empowered by the Holy Spirit, armed with the Word of God and the cross of Christ, aggressively and efficiently fulfilling the gospel commission. (Matthew 28:19, 20; Revelation 14: 6-12)




Kern Tobias

The President leads vision articulation for the mission of the Union, ensuring harmony with the mission statement of the world church.

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Johnson Frederick

The secretary leads the office charged with maintaining the official records, actions, constitution, and membership of the Union.

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Bertie Henry

The treasurer leads the office charged with handling the financial affairs of the union, and provides financial reports to the Inter America Division.

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Caribbean Union Facts

The Caribbean Union Conference is the administrative headquarters for the Adventist Church in the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Windward Islands, Guyana and Suriname.

The following are key statistics of the Caribbean Union.

  • Membership-247,638.
  • Churches/congregations-731
  • Companies-128
  • Medical Institutions / Hospitals-2
  • Primary/Elementary Schools 38
  • Secondary/High Schools-13
  • Universities-1
  • Campgrounds/Conference Facilities-1

Church Structure

The Adventist church uses a representative form of church governance. This simply means members of local churches elect representative bodies and officers to carry out the day-to-day work of the church.

There are five levels of governance. These are:

  • The local church - The local church is a body of individual believers.
  • Conference, mission or region - The conference, mission or field is a body of churches in a particular state, province or territory.
  • Union conference or Union mission - The union conference or union mission is a body of conferences or missions or fields within a larger territory.
  • Division - The division is the administrative arm of the General Conference within a particular area of the world.
  • General Conference - The General Conference is the worldwide headquarters of the church.

Each level is formed and elected democratically and manages the various institutions of the church within these five levels. The institutions cover a range of services such as, education, health care, publishing, media (radio, print, television, web and satellite), aid and development and family relations