Adventists place great emphasis on spiritual, education and social development of our members, while promoting better lifestyles, health, wholeness and personal growth.

Our Focus



Witnessing does not mean talking about theology. It means talking about something our members have experienced. You are sure to hear members share what God has done for them. Feel free to ask a member to pray for you.



From health and wellness fairs and many other outreach programs, we take the message of Jesus to our community, not just in words, but in action. The smile of a homeless man for which Adventist Youths have built a home, the food baskets delivered and meal programs, are some of the ways we take care of those in our community.



Health is the gracious gift of God, and is preserved best by choosing the most healthful lifestyle possible, empowered by the Grace of God. The Adventist church promotes a healthy lifestyle and many members practice low meat and vegetarian lifestyles as well as the other seven principles of health.



We believe that God wants us to be the best we can. The church promotes social, spiritual and educational development. The Adventist church has one of the largest private educational networks in the world.

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